Dear Pastor:

A draining part of your ministry, no doubt, is trying to fix broken marriages.

Your church is no stronger than the marriages in it. And a lot of marriages look OK on the outside but are slowly decaying on the inside.

In a previous parish, the president of our congregation and the president of our women's guild were married to each other. Their divorce sent a tsunami crashing throughout our congregation!

That drove me to work harder on ministries to strengthen marriages before they fail. A little prevention can head off a great deal of grief.

One of the best prevention tools I've found is Lutheran Marriage Encounter. It has done wonders for my own marriage. In fact, Emily and I consider Marriage Encounter Weekends the Rolls Royce in marriage enrichment.

Please consider taking advantage of this marriage ministry in your congregation.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Ed Kast
4449 Windemere Drive
Saginaw, MI 48603

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